Stop sleepwalking.
Start living alive.

Do you feel stuck in your walk with Jesus? Like you’re living, but you’re not alive?

You can live alive in wholeness for purpose. You are not alone on your spiritual journey. Let’s walk together.

Do you long for more than just going through the motions of life?

Do you ever feel like a vagabond on your spiritual journey?

Do you wonder how you can walk in the way of Jesus?

You are not alone on your spiritual journey.

I build people up to live alive in wholeness for purpose.

Author / Pastor / Lawyer / Fellow Vagabond

Let’s walk together.

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Living alive invites you to live with intentionality. Together, let’s get clear on what’s core, so that we can walk with confidence.

This Free Field Guide is a practical tool to clarify your core values.

Core values inform, support, and guide everything we do. You owe it to yourself to get clear on your core values, so that you have a compass for the journey ahead.

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Building you up to live alive one conversation at a time.

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Color Me Yellow

Find your voice by finding your color.

We are constantly bombarded with the noise of so many voices.

It can be hard to speak from our own voice.

Color Me Yellow is the blueprint for uncovering, strengthening, and refining the voice within you.

Monthly Practical Tools

Monthly reflective notes to guide you on your journey with Jesus.

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