Two Years Ago…

This morning when I opened Facebook on my phone for the morning scrolls, it reminded me of that on this day two years ago I posted the “Color Me Yellow” video. We were coming to the end of our Color Me ____ Series with Radical Culture and I was excited to preach the final sermon in the series, “Swords, Anchors, and Cheerleaders”color-me-graphic

The Color Me Yellow adventure has been years in the making, but the Color Me ____ series sprouted a dream in me to write a book on this theme. A dream that Facebook reminded me this morning has been two years in the making. And an overflow of that dream has been this blog – two months in the making.

Color Me Yellow is about finding your voice in the tension between God’s promises and their fulfillment. It’s about embracing that every single one of us has a God-designed color to add to the canvas of His masterpiece.

The book is a dream that is coming to life. Several chapters have already been written and the G-O-D and I have had countless conversations about Him using each chapter to encourage you as you walk through and live in the tension of your own lives. The blog is an overflow of stories and observations that won’t make it into the book. But more than that, it’s an acknowledgement that we are always in the tension. And since we are always in the tension, I wanted to create a space for us to be there together.

You can’t imagine how much has happened in those two years since this dream began to sprout. So much has changed in my life. Things that I could have never predicted or anticipated. But as I pulled out my notes today from the “Swords, Anchors, and Cheerleaders” sermon, I discovered these notes are as true today as they were two years ago (and as I know they will be two years from now):

  • [Hebrews 3:12] : The Word of God in the mouth of a highly ranked and highly favored child of God has the power to cut through the tension of any circumstance or situation.
  • [Hebrews 6:19-20] : Rough seas teach us the value of the unseen anchor in our seen tensions. Anchors do their best work when they are unseen.
  • [Hebrews 12:1-2] : We are surrounded by a cloud of cheerleaders saying “Go yellow, go blue, go green, you go!” This is a reason to find joy in the tension between God’s promises and their fulfillment

I am just as excited as I was two years ago to share this adventure with you – for us to stand alongside each other as we find our voices – our God-designed colors!

In the tension together,


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