Setting a Sustainable Pace for the Rest of 2019

July is an odd month.

The 1st week of July ought to be a national holiday. 

The 2nd week of July feels like starting the year over again and relearning how to do life. 

Then we settle in. We find a pace for the remainder of the summer. 

If we’re honest…for the remainder of the year. August and September sneak up on us and then it’s go, go, go until the holidays. 

The odd pace of July can trip us up for the rest of the year if we don’t seize the opportunity for a reset. 

How do we set a sustainable pace towards living well? 

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me if I could run 5 miles. I’m a pretty casual 5K runner. 3 miles gives me a good opportunity to listen to a podcast, to disconnect from the world for 30ish minutes, and jump back into my day with fresh energies. 

But for some reason when my friend asked me this, it made me think: “Can I run 5 miles?” What changes do I need to make to my running flow to make this happen? 

The first day I tried, I ran 4.7 miles. Then, on July 4th, I did a CrossFit workout (my first one ever!) that was mostly running, but had other movements mixed in throughout the workout.

After that workout, I realized if I mixed certain movements into my running flow, then I could develop a sustainable pace towards this new goal I had of running 5 miles. 

In the 3 times I’ve run since that workout, I’ve included circuit movements into my running flow, and my pace towards 5 miles has been more sustainable. 

Small resets can set sustainable paces. 

Here are 3 small resets you can do this month to set a sustainable pace for the rest of the year.  (And during any moments when you need to reset to set yourself up for living well.)

  1. Reset your vision 
  2. Reset your mindset 
  3. Reset your values

1. Reset your vision 

Vision sets us on the journey towards who we are becoming and where we long to be. Clarity keeps us from wandering aimlessly and keeps us towards growing meaningfully. 

  • What is your overall life vision? 
  • How did you want to make moves towards that vision this year? 
  • What areas are you thriving in? What areas are you neglecting? 
  • In the areas that you’re neglecting, what specific small moves would you like to make before the end of the year?

Micro-movements are still movements. 

If you started the year saying: “I want to go to the gym 3-4 times a week”, but you only go one time a week (maybe), you may need a reset on this vision. 

Instead of being disappointed in yourself and not making steps towards your vision, think about the small moves you CAN make. A small reset can go a long way when it’s done towards an aim. 

2. Reset your mindset

We get a beautiful opportunity in July to realize that maybe the pace we originally set for ourselves was too fast. Instead of feeling guilty for moving slower than you wanted to move, seize the moment for a shift. 

  • When you first started the year, how did you see the opportunities in front of you? 
  • How do you see them now? 
  • What would it look like to reset your mindset, so that your perspective is not limiting, but expanding and making space for the months ahead?

Remember, micro-movements are still movements.

Even if your perspectives about your circumstances and situations feel bleak, the year isn’t over, you still have time. Shift your perspective. See things differently. Flip it around. Make space for the possibilities. 

3. Reset your values

Our values are the guiding principles that direct us. We all go through moments when our actions don’t align with our values. This is why we need a value reset every so often. A reset will ensure we’re being guided by our principles. 

  • What are your 5-6 core values? 
  • Reflecting on your current season, what one value do you need to guide you most? 
  • What will that value look like in practice? 

Last time: Micro-movements are still movements.

Practicing our values is hard work. Focusing on one value – the value that adds the most value to your pace right now – will guide your steps more intentionally.

In my new book, Color Me Yellow, section one focuses on uncovering our voices. I guide you through 3 foundational aspects of uncovering your values, mindset, and vision. Each chapter has exercises to help you towards clarifying these foundational aspects of yourself. 

Without clarity about our values, mindset, and vision, we will find it challenging to find ourselves. And find it challenging to set sustainable paces in our lives, so that we can live well. 

I’d love to be on the journey with you towards living well and clarifying these foundational aspects of yourself, so get your exclusive signed copy of Color Me Yellow today. 



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