Belonging in the Time of COVID-19

How can we cultivate belonging in the time of COVID-19 when we are distancing ourselves from the very people and places that oftentimes give us a sense of belonging? To wrestle with this question, we must confront our cultural realities of social isolation, loneliness, and fragmented personas.

Fatherly Affirmations, Fire Alarms, and Fruit Roll-Up Hugs

We start all of our Sundays with Prayer and Prep at 11:15AM. It’s the most important moment we get as a team to center ourselves as one body, one family, and one movement before we start to serve God’s vision for Radical Culture. But Sunday, November 13 (the Sunday after the elections), God was upContinue reading “Fatherly Affirmations, Fire Alarms, and Fruit Roll-Up Hugs”